Alyson Jones

Alyson Jones’ interest in midwifery began after giving birth to her son Leeum in 1999 in Victoria, BC. The support and care she felt from her midwives was empowering and contributed enormously to her confidence as a parent and health care provider.

Soon after Leeum was born she began to work with pregnant women by creating artistic sculptures in the form of belly masks. This work inspired her to work as a doula and breastfeeding counselor. She has taken various courses related to pregnancy and childbirth both within an academic and non-academic setting, while completing her Bachelor of Midwifery through UBC. Alyson has a strong passion for promoting women’s rights and providing support to families as they experience pregnancy, birth and parenthood. She is honoured to attend families through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

Alyson is currently a board member of the Midwives Association of BC. Additionally she is the co-chair of the Rural and Remote Midwifery Committee and a member of the MABC Rural Locum Committee. Alyson believes women and their families should labour and birth in the atmosphere that is most comfortable to them. She strives to be non-judgmental, open and able to listen attentively to her clients.