Susie Lobb

At her first prenatal appointment as a pregnant woman, Susie knew she would become a midwife. She was drawn by the opportunity to provide woman-centered care to families during such a significant part of their lives. Three years and the births of her first two children later, she began her midwifery training at McMaster University in Ontario. After completing her degree, Susie made the move to the Okanagan to join the team at Willow.

The Canadian model of midwifery, based on foundations of informed choice, knowing your care providers, and choosing your birthplace, is one of the most progressive models of midwifery in the world. Canadian midwifery honours and protects the inherent health of pregnancy and childbirth, and Susie is proud to accompany women through this journey.

As part of her clinical training Susie worked closely with obstetricians, nurses, lactation consultants, and doulas. She has been a member of the Okanagan Breastfeeding Coalition, working to ensure the Okanagan Valley is a breastfeeding-friendly community. Currently Susie’s spare time is devoted to her family.